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Mercy's Story

Mercy's story of cancer and amputation.

Mercy's Story

Mercy’s Amputation

November 5th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Yesterday and last night were probably some of the worst moments of my life; talk about anxiety.  Mercy had her surgery yesterday, although it almost got rescheduled… I’m not sure I could have gone through this nightmare twice.  They still got her done for me, though I’m not sure that’s better.  They wouldn’t let me back in surgery at all to see her, so I clocked out of work and paced the floor for hours waiting until I could see her again.  I was so nervous, every part of my body hurts, and I haven’t slept in 48 hours.  They said the surgery had no complications, but it still shocks you the first time you see the dog you’ve had for nearly 10 years all of a sudden only have 3 legs.  Even as a vet tech, I wasn’t prepared for the emotions this whole experience flooded me with.  I was a wreck yesterday and last night.  Especially last night when her and I were the only ones awake and she was so scared.  She was on good pain meds, but I think being very disoriented,missing a leg, and probably even still a little sore, made for a rough night.  She was up all night breathing rapidly and crying.  At least, crying if I wasn’t petting her.  Being with her wasn’t enough, touching her wasn’t enough, had to be petting her.  So despite no sleep the night before surgery, I was up all night reassuring her.  We set the alarm for 3am to give her some more pain meds, and she ate a little bit of wet food.  Very few things get in the way of her appetite, at least!  We said good morning to the rest of the furkids around 4:30am.  Mercy was a little bit grumpy.  And I think one of them is the reason for my air mattress deflating.  Mercy and I set up last night on the floor on an air mattress, with her in her favourite bed, swaddled in about 3 blankets, and a brand new heating blanket since her temp was a little low after surgery.  With water, syringes, warm damp washcloths, a thermometer, etc. to make sure we were prepared for the night.  There may also have been a popsicle at some point, but shhhh, that was under the table.  Come 6am, Mercy was feeling much better.  The crying had gone from the hyperventilating whine it had been to more of a “can I move?” noise.  I think she has to potty.  That was the first time her and I got brave enough to try picking her up, and I set her down, and she stood on her 3 legs for awhile.  Not brave enough to walk yet, and we haven’t pottied yet because we can’t walk.  I pulled her IV catheter this morning, so she has one less obstacle in the way of learning her new 3 legged shuffle.  We’ve been getting up every so often this morning to do some “standing” and to go for a carry around the house.  We might go for a short carry around the block or down the street a little later to get some fresh air.  Her incision is still “oozing” a little, which is normal.  Once it stops, we’ll be putting her shirt back on.  The poor girl is missing all of her hair except her back legs, her butt, and her head.  Everything else has been shaved off from surgery and ultrasound.  If we can’t manage to get to potty before this afternoon, I might try and help her out a little.  In the meantime, she is finally sleeping comfortably (thank goodness), and I might just use the time to catch up on the sleep I haven’t been getting.

All I can say is… it’s a good thing my coworkers love me, because I was a holy wreck yesterday at work.  I owe a lot to all three of the vets that worked yesterday to get Mercy’s surgery squeezed in, besides a rash of emergencies that nearly postponed it.  I was so worried about my little girl yesterday, I don’t think my gratitude showed.  I know it didn’t, unfortunately.  Mercy and I will have to thank them somehow.

Thank you all for your well wishes!


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  • Opie

    I just dropped my boy off for L front leg amputation. I am soooo scared. Thanks for your honesty; at least I know what to expect. I wish Opie was small enough so I could carry him, but he isn’t.
    I hope Mercy’s bad days and nights are behind her now. Hang in there.

  • jakesmom

    So glad to hear that Mercy is home and feeling better. She looks adorable… even if she is mostly bald from all the shaving 🙂

    Hope she continues to improve each day… and that you can finally catch up on some sleep soon!!

    Jake’s Mom

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